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New Home Inspection Services In Melbourne

11 Jul 2019 | Kourosh A

Building Inspection Melbourne

It is not uncommon to hear stories of people who build their dream home only to find that years later there are issues with the construction of their home. Repairing these issues can not only be inconvenient, difficult and time-consuming but also extremely costly. When it comes to building a new home, there are many things you can do to safeguard yourself against issues that may arise in the future. 
One of the easiest and most crucial things you can do to protect against construction issues is to invest in building inspections. Australian Property and Building Inspections (APBI) offer a new home (construction) stage inspection report. 
What is a new home stage inspection report?
APBI's pre-slab building inspections check that your builder has laid the foundations to plan prior to pouring the concrete. Australian Property and Building Inspections qualified inspectors will ensure that everything has been set up in compliance with the approved designs and drawings, the Building Code of Australia and any other relevant codes and standards that apply to your build. Our inspectors will provide you with a report within 24 hours of the inspection taking place. This report will enable you to effectively communicate with your builder if any of the work conducted on your house is not of a satisfactory standard. Our new stage home inspections are carried out in accordance with AS4349. 1-2007.
Why should you get a pre-slab inspection report?
It is recommended that you get a pre-slab inspection report to ensure the slab's safety and design. There is nothing worse than living in a home only to find that the foundation isn't as strong as you thought. Foundation issues pose a great inconvenience; you will need to move out of your house and uproot your family, the repairs will take time to fix and it's costly. A pre-slab inspection will safeguard against foundation issues years after you have built and enjoyed your new home.
How much does a pre-slab inspection cost?
The cost of a pre-slab inspection will depend on the size of your house but you can expect to pay between $350 and $380 + GST. A small price to pay to put your mind at ease.
While a pre-slab inspection is one of the most important inspections you can carry out, Australia Property and Building Inspections also recommends a series of inspections be carried out when building a new home. These include:
  • Frame Stage Inspection
  • Lockup Inspection
  • Completion Inspection (Handover / PCI)
Australian Property and Building Inspections conduct pre slab stage inspection Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and Greater Victoria based. 
For peace of mind when building your new home, it is worth investing in a new home stage inspection report from Australian Building and Property Inspections. 
Australian Building and Property Services are located in Melbourne and are a national provider of building pest and new home construction stage inspection services. For more information on the services provided by Australian Building and Property Services visit their website,