Australian Property & Building Inspections continue to provide contactless inspection services during COVID-19 Restrictions. Read More

Australian Property & Building Inspections continue to provide contactless inspection services during COVID-19 Restrictions. Read More


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Have you arranged your dilapidation inspection?

11 Jul 2019 | Kourosh A

Building Inspection Melbourne

If you're planning a construction project of some sort, have you remembered to request a dilapidation survey? Unfortunately, construction activities have the potential to cause damage to neighbouring land and buildings. If a nearby property or landowner spots damage on their property, they could potentially sue you, blaming your construction work for the problem. As well as immediate claims, there is also a chance of being sued weeks, months or even years after your work was completed: subsequent drainage or subsidence problems, for example, could be perceived as due to work you have had carried out. In these circumstances, a dilapidation survey could form a key part of your defence in court.

What is the dilapidation inspection Melbourne contractors use?

A dilapidation inspection is simply a survey which notes the condition of the surrounding land and structures. The survey is usually carried out by a building inspector: an industry professional who has the right qualifications and experience to create a credible report. Any issues detected which have the potential to be blamed on construction work are logged and photographed. The survey provides an objective and independent assessment of the local area, providing an accurate assessment of the current condition of structures and land in the local area. Ideally, neighbours should sign a copy of the survey, indicating they agree with the contents: in the event of a post-construction legal claim for damages, the survey can be used to ascertain the prior state of buildings, utilities and similar fixtures.

Building inspection in Melbourne: what's included?

The exact contents of the building inspection depend on the type of property involved and what area needs to be covered around the property. Depending on the type of work being considered, some property owners will only want the building inspected (in case a fault develops at a later date for which the construction company may be responsible); others will want a wider area covered (if there is potential for the work to impact negatively on other properties then this is a good option). An inspector will look at a variety of property features, including: the exterior condition; interior walls; roofing; drainage; glass, plumbing; electrical wiring; asbestos; swimming pools; and anything else which may be relevant.

Get a building inspection report from an experienced company

When you turn to us for a building inspection report or dilapidation inspection Melbourne wide, you are dealing with a professional organisation and a highly knowledgeable and experienced team. Once you let us know what type of inspection you need, you can leave the rest to us. If necessary, we will organise access and complete the survey, sending you a copy of the finished report for consideration. Our aim is always to provide accurate, timely and relevant information which can help to inform sound decision-making.

From building surveys through to dilapidation surveys, auction inspections and more, APBI Melbourne has the skill set to meet your needs. Get in touch to find out more about what we can offer or to discuss your survey requirements in more detail.